What Is Your Calling? (Written to me from my best friend)

This was written to me by my friend of 50+ years.  She was a believer long before I came to the Lord.  I wrote her the other day and told her I think I know what my calling is.  This is how she responded.  It was so touching I had to share.  Thank you Sheryl for loving me even through the worst parts of my life. 

These are the thoughts that God put on my heart regarding a person’s “calling.” It seems that this term is actually used incorrectly. I don’t think people necessarily have just one calling in their spiritual life. Some people have many. I think the correct term is more, “What are my gifts that I can use to serve God, and how?”

For all of us, our “calling” is to draw non-believers to the Gospel of Christ and eternal life. All Christians have the same calling. God may use any of our special gifts, which have been given to each of us as He deemed; in any way, and at any time to serve Him. For many people, their gifts are used repeatedly and randomly. Such as someone with the gift of serving, who may make meals for a needy family, and serve in various other random ways. This same person will not have just the one gift, God has given him/her others to use at other times too. If he/she is listening and being obedient to God’s call, that is what is pleasing to God. Some people do have a special calling – those in ministry and missions come to mind. We see them (especially pastors) as having greater gifts than we ourselves possess, but that is not true in God’s eyes. We are all one body and each part of the body is just as important in achieving God’s mission, as the next.

It is not so important that someone finds their calling (if there is one). What is important is that we are in communication with our Father and listening to Him and being obedient to his call. We need to be patient and wait on the Lord. It is all in His timing, even when we would like it to be in ours. When we are serving the Lord – turning all the control over to Him, and waiting for his instruction on what to do next, we won’t flounder around asking, “What does God want me to do with my life?” We are already doing it. We just need to be satisfied in that knowledge.

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