Isn’t it curious how a thought or issue somehow gets in our head and demands further exploration? The general acceptance of the earths age and the seemingly contradictory opinion of the scientific community and the teachings of scripture often result either side scoffing at the other.

Anyone who dares to question the belief that carbon dating is the indisputable proof of the how long ago the earth was formed, or created, is mocked as a “Science De nier”. What is seldom, if ever, reported is that there are actual scientists that do not accept the group think about this issue as well as many other conclusions that widely accepted as fact. The example of what the cause and effect of “global warming” is “settled science” is evidence that something reported often enough becomes truth.

The media are complicit in the indoctrination of the public and the immoral brain washing of our children. From early education in our public schools though the annals of higher learning, students are no longer taught to question but to obediently repeat and accept what their teachers and/or professors say is fact.

How old is the earth? I have no idea! I simply have a problem with proliferation of Lemmings in our society. We often forget that the Enemy easily sways us to believe things that serve his purposes. It’s not uncommon for a minority opinion to be well founded in truth. (1 Cor 1:20) “Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?” When confronted with ideas that seem to contradict scripture ask questions. Look deeper into what may or may not be the evidence behind the opposing view.

Many teachers tell our children the conservative thinkers are narrow minded and less intelligent than more liberal people. Faith is for the weak minded. A large percentage of academia and the press believe those statements to be factual. Does that make them true? Why then do we blindly accept what so called scientists tell us to be facts?

What we call science is most often a theory in search of evidence to support a pre-conceived conclusion. What is considered to be a scientific fact is simply a theory un-supportive evidence cannot be found. Does that mean that the exculpatory evidence does not exist? History is littered with scientific facts later to be disproved by newly discovered evidence.

The message I am communicating here is to neither accept nor dismiss ideas that may seem contradictory to scripture. Find out what is behind that thinking and always remember that the age of the earth, global warming or any other scientific opinions have no bearing on our salvation. In the end none of this will matter!