Beware of Secular Christmas


As 2020 is draws to a close, it has been a year that will be known as the most horrible year of our life. With the Covid-Virus taking a firm grip on countries worldwide, it has impacted every person to some degree.

As the holiday season begins, we have been asked by our government to cancel Christmas celebrations this year.  Christmas parades, parties, bazaars, and plays will not be a part of the season this year.  Many restaurants, churches, and other places of festivities are not allowed this year. Many large cities and states are under lockdown again (or still). People have lost their businesses. Suicides, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and deep depression has hit many. This truly is one of the biggest challenges our country has faced in decades.

As Christians, my husband and I choose to remember our Lord. Participating in the secular We give what money we would have spent on Christmas presents to organizations that others have a lovely Christmas. We don’t begrudge other’s secular celebration of the season. We just chose not to participate in the traditional commercialized way. It has eliminated the stress, anxiety, and expectations that the secular holiday demands.

Instead of bragging about your Christmas shopping and post pictures of wrapped gifts under the tree, please remember: Some parents have lost their jobs.  They don’t know how they’re going to feed their kids or buy presents for them. Some families are receiving unemployment and barely managing to pay bills. Other people have lost family members, and Christmas won’t be the same now or ever again. Those people who don’t shop online (and yest, some don’t even own a computer) have no idea when or how they’ll shop. Some folks are completely isolated and alone and have only memories of past family Christmas to remember.  For those that are ill, Christmas shopping is the last thing on their minds. So remember, it’s more important to be thankful for those around your tree rather than what’s under it. Be humble, thoughtful, and kind. That’s what the holiday season is really about.

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