Back In The Good Old Days

I have a nephew I‘ve always thought of like my brother.  He lives on the east coast and me on the west coast.  Neither of us has a lot of disposable income we can spend to fly back and forth.  Only because of illnesses or death of a family member on the west coast does he make it out to visit.  His younger brother has begun chemo for liver cancer, so on his way to spend time with his brother, he made a stop in Idaho for a few days to spend with my husband and I.  Nine months ago his father died of cancer, so we all gathered together for that reunion.  A year before that, his grandmother passed away, so we spent time together then.  I am always so excited to get to spend time with my nephews who I seldom see, but through the entire visit, I was competing with his smartphone.  I felt  I was boring him.

I feel rejected by family members or friends when they spend more time on their phone than enjoying the moment together.  It takes the loss of family members to bring the rest of us together, but a small, electronic device will divide us when we occupy the same room, car, or dinner table.  In my day, it was the television that took priority at meal time.  Before TV, the newspaper was my grandparents escape from conversations.  God made us for relationships, but have you noticed how people hide behind their screens to avoid a discussion with their spouse, children,  or friend?
We are becoming people that are so self-absorbed, we’re unaware of our surroundings.  One of my favorite things to do is to go camping where electronics don’t work.  I love to sit and listen to the sound of nature. The breeze blowing through the leaves; the birds making joyful sounds; the frogs calling for a mate, or the sound of the creek spilling over the rocks.  I take the time to appreciate God’s beautiful work and listen to His small voice. I sometimes sing praises to my Lord my God or read scripture.

This new generation has grown up with computers,  cell phones, tablets, and the list goes on.  I feel sad for those that can‘t appreciate the sounds of silence, a good board game with family or friends, or visiting with those who are elderly and have some wildly educational and entertaining stories to share.

I am so looking forward to heaven.  Please God, don‘t let there be cell phones or computers.  Amen.

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