Some Reasons I believe Jesus raised from the dead

church_nave_jesus_227826 I wasn’t always a follower of Jesus Christ. In fact, I only identified as a Christian growing up in the same way you identify as an American. When I hit my 20’s, my mother passed away. That was when I turned away from God, Christianity and Jesus. I just didn’t understand why God would take my mother from me when He had taken my father only a year after my birth. I decided that religions were for weak people that needed a crutch to get through the day. Growing up in Oregon, a very secular state, I found my lack of belief was part of the majority. many years later, my older sister introduced me to Ernest Holmes teaching of the new age religion, Science of Mind. I liked that church because it didn’t have any rules. I wasn’t being told I was a sinner and I was going to hell if I didn’t believe in Jesus. Another decade went by and I met my now husband who was a Christian. He never pushed me or tried to convert me. We would often have deep conversations where he would just “plant the seeds” and make me curious about Christianity. I have to admit, I really didn’t know all that much about it. I tried reading the bible, but it never made sense and it just seemed too, “Out There.” I had grown into an adult who enjoyed research and cross referencing information. It wasn’t until I went to see The Passion of The Christ that my life was changed forever. That was my turning point. That was when I began trying to prove to myself that Christ was our savior. I wanted to know everything there was to know about Jesus and answer those questions most people ask when they truly don’t want to accept Christianity.

Easter has since become the most important holiday to me. These are the reasons I know that Jesus is my savior, that he lived, he died and he raised from the dead to save those people who believe in Him and his teachings. These are just a few of the reasons I believe:

1. The disciples had nothing to gain and everything to lose for preaching that Jesus had raised in the very city that Jesus had been killed in front of the very people who had killed Him.

2. Those who had killed Jesus admitted Jesus had done miracles (historically provable by non- Christian eye witnesses) and that the disciples said that Jesus had risen. The story hasn’t changed from the beginning –we have early copies of the same story (it did not change over time). Non-Christians tell us the same story we have today–there were no changes added over time–what we have today, even no- Christians 2000 years ago tell us the same story.

3. The archeology for the New Testament is proven flawless over and over again. The prophecy we see in Old Testament scripture tells us the whole story ahead of time.

4. Many of the prophecies about the coming Messiah could not have been fulfilled by a person trying to fulfill them–Jesus could not have maneuvered the Roman soldiers into casting lots for His clothing, or piercing His side rather than breaking His legs–and so on.

5. Jesus taught, and the disciples recorded and taught in scripture things that the normal human being would not teach. For instance –store up in heaven treasure rather than on earth…forgive again and again…serve rather than be served…turn the other cheek…love those who persecute you…and so many other things.

Many want to debate these and so many others things. However, no one can tell me that Jesus hasn’t changed my life. I was broken, feeling lost, alone, hurt and angry. Then, Jesus came into my heart and changed my life. He is risen…and the fact that He kept promises made in the old testament gives me confidence He will keep the promises He made in the new testament.
With all the hoopla around Easter egg hunts, Easter bunnies and candy, I ask that you please remember what the true celebration of Easter is truly all about and give thanks to the Lord who has given all of us salvation and grace.


Isn’t it curious how a thought or issue somehow gets in our head and demands further exploration? The general acceptance of the earths age and the seemingly contradictory opinion of the scientific community and the teachings of scripture often result either side scoffing at the other.

Anyone who dares to question the belief that carbon dating is the indisputable proof of the how long ago the earth was formed, or created, is mocked as a “Science De nier”. What is seldom, if ever, reported is that there are actual scientists that do not accept the group think about this issue as well as many other conclusions that widely accepted as fact. The example of what the cause and effect of “global warming” is “settled science” is evidence that something reported often enough becomes truth.

The media are complicit in the indoctrination of the public and the immoral brain washing of our children. From early education in our public schools though the annals of higher learning, students are no longer taught to question but to obediently repeat and accept what their teachers and/or professors say is fact.

How old is the earth? I have no idea! I simply have a problem with proliferation of Lemmings in our society. We often forget that the Enemy easily sways us to believe things that serve his purposes. It’s not uncommon for a minority opinion to be well founded in truth. (1 Cor 1:20) “Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?” When confronted with ideas that seem to contradict scripture ask questions. Look deeper into what may or may not be the evidence behind the opposing view.

Many teachers tell our children the conservative thinkers are narrow minded and less intelligent than more liberal people. Faith is for the weak minded. A large percentage of academia and the press believe those statements to be factual. Does that make them true? Why then do we blindly accept what so called scientists tell us to be facts?

What we call science is most often a theory in search of evidence to support a pre-conceived conclusion. What is considered to be a scientific fact is simply a theory un-supportive evidence cannot be found. Does that mean that the exculpatory evidence does not exist? History is littered with scientific facts later to be disproved by newly discovered evidence.

The message I am communicating here is to neither accept nor dismiss ideas that may seem contradictory to scripture. Find out what is behind that thinking and always remember that the age of the earth, global warming or any other scientific opinions have no bearing on our salvation. In the end none of this will matter!

The Sister Christian 2017

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